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New Display!

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Our very own Tudor portrait gallery!


More D &T!

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I’m loving Pip’s slider and rotary lever that she took home to finish off. What creative designs!

Assigned Pupils : Taormina

Djembe Concert

Just before half term, 4Q had the amazing opportunity of performing at a concert at the performing arts centre along with the Houguette school, St Sampsons High and the Guernsey Youth Choir to celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela. We had been learning how to play the djembe drums with Mr Wright for 5 weeks, learning many different rhythms. Were you in the concert? Did you enjoy it? What rhythm did you play?


Tudor portraits


Rotary Levers!

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Well done Amara, Rosie and Etienne on your creative rotary levers



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Well done to Amy, Sam D and Tom on your sliders!


This group worked on having different people playing at different times in their choir. Well done Izzy for conducting!

This group had the idea to bring in different people at different times. Well done Celi for keeping them all in time!

This group worked hard to put all their rhythms together. Ella did a great job leading her group!

This group made up individual ostinatos and then put them together. Tom S did a great job of being conductor!

Spot the ostinatos!

We have been learning about ostinatos in music. An ostinato is a repeated pattern using rhythm or melody or both!
Which ostinatos can you hear in Ed Sheeran’s song?
How is he making them and what effect does it have on his song?
Do you like his song? I do!
Miss Q 🙂

Miss Q’s first blog post! Do aliens exist?

Here are some stars saying whether they think aliens exist, but what do you think? After our recent discussion, some of you obviously have very strong opinions on this subject! Here are some links to more interesting information about the googly-eyed green guys!

Discovery – Do aliens really exist?
Information on UFOs
Who are Aliens? Do you know?

4CQ’s New Blog!

Welcome to 4CQ’s new blog!

We will use it to show all the fantastic work you do. We will also use it to put fun and interesting photos and videos on, too.

We hope you enjoy using it – check out the ‘Blog Rules’ tab at the top of the page.

From Miss Q