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Excitement for the Easter egg hunt!

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Some year 4 pupils made a restaurant at play time. Miss Q tried some of the food. It was delicious!

Morning of sports!

This morning we had a trip to the Rohais badminton center. It was so much fun! Kerry from Sports commission taught us tennis and Matt taught us more badminton skills.



We also practised the rules of tennis and some skills byt playing without a racket

Ben and Gaby

Ben and Gaby show their skills with a tennis ball. Some very quick reactions!

Final machines!

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We made it! Without Miss Q having too much stress over mess! Here are our machines. Can you spot yours?


Messy hands!


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Pierce’s Machine!


D&T day!

Sometimes we come across some problems, but D&T is about finding solutions!


D&T machine day!

After practising all our levers, the day has come where we put this all to good use and make our machines!


Sponsored bunny hop!

The children did really well with their sponsored bunny hop. Well done to Rosie and Joel who did 16 widths of the hall in 2 minutes!

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4Q news room!

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Our journalist in 4Q are very busy editing our magazine making sure it’s ready in time for the deadline!

Latin letter from Millie in 4H



I’m really impressed with this Latin letter from Millie in 4H for Tudor day. In Tudor times, all children in school were taught how to write in Latin.

Tudor speaking

(Right click or option-click this link and choose Save As… to download this Video file.)

We also learnt how to speak as a Tudor. Here are Sam D and Celi having a conversation. Can you work out what they are saying?