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First sewing lesson!

Today we were learning some sewing skills in D&T to prepare us for making our own special object container. I was very impressed by the persistence and determination showed by everyone, even when we were finding it a little tricky … Miss Q included!

20150430-145847.jpg 20150430-145803.jpg 20150430-145604.jpg 20150430-145312.jpg


Travelling in Ghana

Today in our Geography lesson, we have been learning about how travelling is different in Ghana and Guernsey. We made posters to show how tr0-tros differ to Guernsey buses.

Sam D and Tom S

Sam D and Tom S

Charlie and Lilya

Charlie and Lilya

Billy, Joel and George G

Billy, Joel and George G

Book trailers!

Today we recorded book trailers for our favourite book out of Jason and the Voyage to the edge of the World and The Story Thief. The chidlren chose music to put to their trailors and I am really impressed with the way that they used their voices dramatically!
To listen to your trailers, right clock on the link, click on ‘save link as’ and then your audio should download and you can listen. Let me know if there are any problems 🙂 Miss Q

Izzy, Celi, Thomass and Ewan:


Ella, Billy, Joel and Charlotte


Sam D, Gaby, Amara and George G


Pip, Ben, Rosie and Declan:


Charlie, Pierce and Sam Y:


Lilya, Tom S, George W and Amy:



Well done to Ben, Rosie, Declan and Charlie who thought of some amazing alliteration sentence openers in our warm up today!

Assigned Pupils : 4Q

Negative numbers games from our Maths lesson

After some difficulty with the laptops today, Billy asked if I could put up a link to the games we played to practise our skills of ordering negative numbers.

Below are the links to the games. Click on must, should, could or could + work to access the right challenge for you!


Should (choose negative decimals)

Could (choose level 3)

Could +

Literacy warm up!

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20150420-114405.jpgToday in out Literacy warm up, we were trying to start sentences with  – ing words to make our sentences seem more exciting. Thanks Sam D, George W, Celi and Gaby for your examples. Can you think of anymore?

Excellent effort in problem solving!

I am so impressed with the effort all of you put into your maths today. You identified patterns and some of you could even give a reason for those patterns! Here is some of the amazing work I saw …











Here are the children working really hard:

Showing how a character is feeling in a story

Yesterday, we were focusing on how you can show how a character is feeling by their actions and body language. Some children re told the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and tried to show how Jack was feeling scared through his body language.


trim.42F393F5-FFAA-4937-A4C5-354ED67A228A from Chloe Quevatre on Vimeo.


trim.08845DE1-6E70-4C8A-A7CE-86E7F1A01064 from Chloe Quevatre on Vimeo.

How have they shown that Jack is scared? Well done Ewan and Zahara!

Problem Solving in Maths

In Maths yesterday, some children found the problem solving very tricky. They had clue cards relating to place value which helped them find out which letter represented each number. Well done to Celi, Ruby and Millie who found it tricky yesterday but persevered and managed to complete it today!


Pip’s Machine

20150414-152158.jpgPip created an amazing machine at home! She used a rotary lever to keep all her dolls clothes safe, and to help choose which ones they should wear! Well done Pip, I think it looks amazing! What does everyone else think?

Rounding Decimals

Today in Maths we were working on rounding decimals to the nearest tenth or hundredth. We played dominoes to help us practise our skills. Some people were inventing their own game with blank dominoes!

Problem solving using place value and rounding!

In Maths today, everyone chose the work that was best for them. Some people chose to solve a problem using their place value skills. They found it tricky and some are still solving it! Others chose to practise their rounding skills. Everyone worked very hard!

Here is a link to the rounding game from today if you would like to play at home :

Rounding game link

Time to be healthy!

Now Easter is over it’s time to get healthy after all that chocolate! Can you guess what is in my breakfast smoothie? Who else is trying to be healthy after all the Easter eggs?!

Miss Q


April Fools day!

Happy April fools day everyone! Did anyone play a good prank? I told my Mum that my cat was having kittens and she believed me! Here is a link to a video explaining the history of April Fools day.

Hope you’re all having a lovely Easter!

Miss Q