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Reading buddies!

Today we talked about how to be a good reading buddy. This includes concentrating on the book, sharing the book between you and listening carefully to the other person. Here are some good examples of how to be an excellent reading buddy:








Tidy up!

After having a tidy up today, Amara and Charlie’s trays were in much better condition than when they started!



Burhou webcams!

In Maths this week we are looking at data handling based on bird watching. We have all come up with different questions based on the amount of puffins, lesser black backed gulls and greater black backed gulls on Burhou near Alderney. I know that some children wanted to carry on their half hourly research on through after school (although I did say no staying up til midnight sneakily looking at web cams!) Here are the links for the different cameras:

Main Webcam

Close up camera

4Q still healthy!

Ratio and proportion

In Maths this week, we are working on ratio and proportion. We know the difference between the two and today we were working on either practising proportion or ratio challenges. Here is some examples of work on proportion:
































Here are some examples of the ratio challenges:



Maths warm up challenge!

This was our quite challenging maths warm up today. Which one were you working on? Did you find the closest result? Comment below

Classdroid Upload 14:5:2015 09:20

Assigned Pupils : 4Q

Reading out our diary entries

Here are some children reading out their diary entries about being evacuated



Betty’s talk

Today we were lucky enough to have Miss Hughes’ Gran come in to talk to us about when she was evacuated when she was 9 years old.

Here are the children listening to her talk:



Evacuation diary entries inspired by Betty

After Betty had talked to us, We pretended we were evacuees and wrote a diary entry saying how we felt. Here are some examples





Writing diaries

Here we are working on our diaries

Knees up Mother Brown!

Assigned Pupils : 4CQ

Liberation day flag design competition!

Here are just some of the amazing flag designs ready for tomorrow’s competition. Which one do you think Mrs Barassin will choose to win?

More area and perimeter!

Today we finished off our problem about the cake sale using area and perimeter! We really enjoyed solving this problem and it really helped us understand how to work out area and perimeter and when we would use these in real life.
Here are some of the children solving the problem …

As you can see, lots of different methods were used to solve the problem. Here is one answer to the question about profit at the end…


There were lots of different possible answers depending on what profit you thought the cake sale should make!

Area and perimeter problem solving

Today we were working on some practical problem solving to do with area and perimeter! Here are some examples of the problems we had today and how some children set out their workings …




We are going to continue with this tomorrow and I am really excited to see the results! Here are some pictures of the children working on the problem. You can see really great teamwork happening y looking at their body language.

20 things we should say more

This is a very hyper active video about 20 things we should say more often. We thought we would like to have this on our blog because it’s funny but also it helps people understand how they should be nice to others. We found it encouraging.