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Rugby – Fight song!

Assigned Pupils : 6Q

Identifying language in non fiction texts

You will need this link to identify non fiction language features in Literacy today. These texts are quite challenging!


Challenging texts about rainforest animals

Hygiene links

You will need these links to make your poster in science

Hygiene whilst cooking

Food safety and hygiene

Rotting Food!

Tomorrow in Science, we will be looking at how and why food rots. Here are some videos showing different types of food rotting. Make sure you’re not eatign your tea at the same time as watching these!


I wonder who will win these prizes this week?



Classdroid Upload 27:9:2015 11:31

Classdroid Upload 27:9:2015 11:31

Assigned Pupils : 6Q

Reports about Lourdes!

We have been learning about Bernadette, the girl who saw the spirit lady at Lourdes during our RE learning on pilgrimages. Here is Emma and Eleanor’s interview.

Here is Lauren and Sienna’s interview

Here is Rio and Harvey’s interview

6Q Celebrate!

Congratulations to our celebration certificate winners in today’s celebration assembly!

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Assigned Pupils : 6Q

Rainforest environment research

You will need this link for geography today

Rainforest environment

tweets and shout outs

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Assigned Pupils : 6Q

Tweets and shout out!

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Assigned Pupils : 6Q

Story problems

You will need this padlet today in Literacy

Story problems

Tweets and shout outs

Well done Ella and Jack and thanks Jamie for my shout out!

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Assigned Pupils : 6Q

Spelling app proving popular and working well!

The children are enjoying using spelling city and using the games to learn their spellings!

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Assigned Pupils : 6Q

Research on microbes

You will need these links for Tuesday’s science lesson:

Information on Jenner 1

Information on Jenner 2

Information on Pasteur 1

Information on Pasteur 2

Information on Diseases

Game on Microbes