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Videos about refugees

We will be using these videos in Literacy to help us understand our new topic.


I am Amira web page





Write to a refugee child

R.E. River Ganges links

Here are the links to the videos about the River Ganges for those of you who wanted to carry on doing some work about them at home!

Thinking positively!

We will be thinking about this video in PSHE today

Explaining problem solving

I’m really impressed with Megan’s video to explain how she solved her problem in maths

You will need this for maths today

Diennes maths games

Place value game

You may need this link for today’s lesson

Place value game


You will need this information about rivers for today’s Geography lesson.


Ideas for your films

You will need this padlet for today’s lesson

Film scene ideas

Horror Films!

These children’s films have been cleverly turned into horror film trailers, only using clips from the films. How have the makers ot these trailers achieved the horror movie effect?

Music and mood

This week in Literacy, we are going to be thinking about how music can affect mood. Have a look at this video and see what you think

Class dojos

I really like the teamwork that went into creating our new dojos!

Classdroid Upload 07:10:2015 03:53

Assigned Pupils : 6Q

Rainforest animals

You will need these links for today’s literacy lesson:

Not very confident

Quite confident

Very confident


The children enjoying playing the apostrophe games. Try playing them at home! The links are in the post below!

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Assigned Pupils : 6Q


You will need these links for today’s VCOP lesson:

Apostrophes for contraction

Apostrophes for possession

Links for R.E. about Sikhism

You will need this link to research informtation about the sikh religion:

Information about Sikhism