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Ideas for Thinglink advent calendars!

Click on the link below to see some ideas for your thinglink advent calendar

Advent ideas padlet

Megan’s science telegami

I really like the way Megan has explained her science creature and the adaptations

How do animals adapt?


Today in science we will be learning all about how animals adapt to their environment. Watch the videos below and then add to the padlet on how the animal has adapted and how it has helped them.

How do camels adapt?

Camel adaptation padlet

How have giraffes adapted?

Giraffe adaptation padlet

How have polar bears adapted?

Polar bear adaptation padlet

Inspiration for our ‘I am’ poems

Maths challenges!

Here are the links for the shape challenges!

square co-ordinates

parallelogram investigationĀ 

Children busy making 3D shapes!

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Assigned Pupils : 6Q

3D shapes

You may need this link to help you make shapes today

3D shapes list


Tense sorting

Adding in Punctuation

Science 17/11/15 How plants adapt


Link to video about cacti

Link to information on how cacti adapt

Venus Fly trap

Website of information

Video about venus fly trap:

Pitcher Plant

Website 1 on pitcher plants

Website 2 on pitcher plants

Video about pitcher plants:

Maths shape game

You may need this link for maths today

Maths shape game


Ben and Tristan’s children in need rap!

I absolutely LOVE Ben and Tristan’s rap! They wrote thoughtful lyrics and made sure it went together with their beat. You have blown me away boys! Well done!

Who inspires 6Q?

A great explain everything example!

Hockey! Don’t stop me now!