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Spanish Christmas lottery video

Today, we watched the Spanish Christmas lottery advert. This is a very emotional advert and has an important message. After watching, we took on the roles of colleagues of Justino and had a meeting to debate whether he deserves a ticket or not

Megan, Molly, Jamie, Eleanor and Brodie’s news report

Today, we watched this advert;

Then we had to make a news report about the event. I really like the comedy value in this group’s report! I know Mr Curtis liked it too!

Christmas Origami!

Here are some links to instructions and tutorials on some Christmas Origami! Make sure you think carefully about decorations and colours before you start! There are many links so be creative and see what you can come up with! Impress me!

Origami pine tree

Origami lucky star

Modular star

Four pointed star

Origami gift bow

Origami Christmas blossom

Origami Christmas star

Christmas Wreath

Origami Charistmas Lights

Origami 3D snowflake

Christmas snowflake

Book reviews

You will need this link for some book review examples

Book reviews 1

Book reviews 2

Book reviews 3

Emma, Kelsey and Eleanor’s amazing hot seating

I really like how much the girls have thought carefully about the emotion of the characters. This shows an amazing understanding of the book and can show how they can read between the lines. Well done girls!

Hot seating!

Today, 6Q were using question stems to help them think of questions to hot seat characters.