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Little Red Riding Hood – the wolf’s side of the story!

I am enjoying reading the children’s versions of Little Red Riding Hiid from the wolf’s point of view. They have managed to characterise the wolf using vocabulary to make him seem nice! I really enjoyed Eleanor’s story. I didn’t think much of the wolf’s excuse!

Area and perimeter

Today we were using area and perimeter in real life, measuring objects and places around the school. The children really enjoyed their work and tried really hard on being accurate and then afterwards, presenting their work neatly.

A spooky blacked out classroom!

Here are 6Q working on their science experiment: Will the shadow be bigger or smaller if it is further away or more near to the light source?

Assigned Pupils : 6Q

Links to the piano videos

The children worked really hard on their writing for a narration over the top of ‘The Piano’. We had a lot of discussion about different interpretations of the film and the children really impressed me with their ideas. I hope you are as impressed with their videos as I am.

Kelsey’s video

Rachael’s video

Jenson’ video

Jack’s video

Rosella’s video

Emma’s video

Tristan’s video

Charlie’s video

Ben’s video

Harry’s video

Rio’s video

Lewis’ video

Molly’s video

Harvey’s video

Eleanor’s video

Kai’s video

Megan’s video

Jamie’s video

Grace’s video

Miss Hughes needs help!

Assigned Pupils : 6Q

What makes good teamwork?

Here are some videos showing good and bad teamwork

Bad Teamwork:

Good teamwork