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World War 2 introduction

Click on the questions which will take you to a link where you will find the answer.

When did World War 1 start and finish?

When did World War II begin and end?

Why did World War 2 begin?

More information on causes of war

What countries were involved in the war and what sides were they on?

Where Germany invade in the war?

What did Neville Chamberlain say in his declaration of War Speech? 

Map of countries involved 1939-1942


Conversion problems

This is a medium tricky problem!

Petrol problem

This problem is quite challenging!

Fruit problem

Informtation about the holocaust

Page of information

Video of information

You will need to pause this video at regular intervals to read the text.

More information

CBBC videos about the holocaust

Morris Gleitzman website

Morris Gleitzman website

Fractions problem

This is a really challenging problem and helps you practise your fractions!


Chocolate problem