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Occupation museum photos

Here is a link to the photos from the occupation museum


Maths problems!

Here is a problem about timetables

Timetable problem

Here is a probability problem:

Odds and evens

Knowledge of Evacuation

What do you already know about the evacuation of Guernsey?

Write on the padlet below to tell me your current knowledge

Now see if you can find out more information about being evacuated and answer the following questions …

What were the problems with evacuation?
What choices did the children and parents have to consider?

Use these links …
General evacuation information

Guernsey evacuation information

Guernsey evacuation information 2

Science 11/5/16

You will need this slide for the lesson today


Benjamin Zephaniah’s poetry

Watch the following performances and answer the questions on the board …

Talking Turkeys


I love my Mother

The British