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Science 28/06/16

Here is the link you will need once you have finished swapping your circuits with your partner pair

Build online circuits

Information for your evacuation letter or video

Here are some links to information you may need for your evacuation letter or video:

General information about English evacuation

Guernsey information 1

Guernsey information 2

Guernsey information 3

Sailing June 7th 2016

We had so much fun sailing today and the sailing trust said our class was one of the best for listening and being able to steer. Well done 6Q! Bad luck to Rachael and Megan who fell in! we are really excited for the next session!

Cycling proficiency

Please find below a link to a list of the tasks that you will be doing during our Cycling Proficiency training and assessment.

You may find it useful if you have the chance to practise over half term!

Cycling proficiency task list