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Joe’s amazing writing!

6Q have today completed a project about writing to create an atmosphere. Joe has collaborated with Rosie to create an amazingly well thought out film and backing track. He then today went on to write something to go with it. I think this writing really creates a tense and horrifying atmosphere – just what Joe was going for!

More videos will but uploaded soon (once we have got over some technical difficulties!) but for now here is Joe’s mini horror film! …

Data handling

6Q solved some data handling problems today and created some great explanations on how they solved them!

Billy and Zac were very clear in their explanations:

Taylor provided brilliant peer feedback too:

Taylor Scambler Well done Boys! We think you explained it very well but on your second question you answered it wrong because under the pie chart it says the total amount of insects that they each got, and Tony found 80 but Gemma only found 36 and 1 half of 36 is smaller than a quarter of 80 for the snails. Apart from that it was great 😀

Jack and Ethan worked hard in this lesson:

Peer assessed by Pierce and Joel:

Pierce Gorman The first one is correct but maybe you could of gone into a bit more detail. For the second one you could of explained it the same for the third as well. Well done for the fourth it was right and well explained even though it finished suddenly. You did your 5th one perfectly because you explained it well and also got it correct Maybe you could of explained the sixth one better but overall it was good. Well done🙃 Also by Joel

Jenner and Pasteur telagamis!

6Q had to research about Edward Jenner, Louis Pasteur and about how microbes cause disease. They then had to present their findings using the tellagami app. Here are some of their results …

Rosie and Maddie:

Amy and Ruby

Billy and Joe

Izzy and Joel

Science 20/9/16

Today in science you will be researching 3 things; Jenner, Pasteur and How microbes can cause disease.

Here are the links you will need to find out about Edward Jenner

Link 1 


These are the links to find out information about Louis Pasteur:

Link 1

Link 2

Here are the links to find out information about how microbes cause disease:

Link 1

Link 2


Water research project

Presentation advice

Problem solving using a list or table!

Today we were using the skill of making a list or table to help solve tricky problems!
Here is some of the children’s work:

Courtney and Zahara:

Millie and Pierce:

Izzy and Ruby:

Madison and Rosie

Tag Rugby – Don’t stop me now!

Literacy 15/9/16

Here is the link to the slide to the smartboard for Literacy for Mr Yates and Mrs Brock

Link for slide

Our science work today!

Today we found out the definition of a microbe, virus, bacteria and fungi. Here are some of the videos produced today …

Leo and Celi:

Joel and Emma:

Pierce and Zahara

Roald Dahl day!

Today is Roald Dahl day!

In the comments below, post which is your favourite Roald Dahl book and why.

Also which is your favourite Roald Dahl character and why?

Here are some websites to explore

Official Roald Dahl Day

Roald Dahl Day activities