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Rights in Afghanistan

These videos should help you find out why it is so important for women and girls to have rights which should help you write your persuasive report on Rights for girls and women in Afghanistan.

This video might help you find some quotes about the importance of education.

This video shows you how not going to school can affect girls

The first part of this video shows what rights girls have and why they are important

This video gives you some quotes from Malala Yousafzai which may be useful in your report

This video gives you information about what rights a child has which you may want to use to show how girls should have equal rights to boys

Types of bullying and how to deal with them

This is the video 6Q watched and discussed today. Leave some comments saying your thoughts on the video and how it may change the way you act in the future:

Problem solving!

Here is some children’s fabulous work on problem solving using a list or table. All children enjoyed today’s lesson and solved at least 3 tricky problems!

Madison and Sam:

Millie and Zac:

Amy and Keynan

Emma and Izzy:

What conditions are best for microbes to grow?

We are wondering in which conditions microbes grow best. Have a look at these videos to see some predictions and to see how we have set up an experiment…

Celi and Courtney:

Jensen and Rosie:

Ollie and Zac:

Pierce, Madison and Will:

Videos to create a mood

6Q Filmed the videos, composed the music, wrote the script and recorded their voice overs for these videos. Take a look and leave a comment!

Amy’s film

Celi’s film

Emma’s film

Ethan’s film

Izzy’s film

Jack’s film

Jensen’s film

Joe’s film

Joel’s film

Keynan’s film

Leo’s film

Maddie’s film

Madison’s film

Melissa’s film

Oliver’s film

Pierce’s film

Rosie’s film

Ruby’s film

Taylor’s film

Will’s film

Zac’s film

Max’s film: