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Arguments for and against Australia welcoming refugees

The following links will give you information about what different people think about whether or not Australia should welcome refugees. The information may be different to your opinion but you need to know reasons for both sides of the argument

What contributions refugees could bring to Australia

Refugees settling into Australia

An edited newspaper article on why some people do not want to welcome refugees into Australia

New Geography topic – Natural Disasters!

Introduction to natural disasters

Natural disasters video:

Do you understand what a natural disaster is?

Reflection, translation, rotation!

Use these websites to help you understand how to reflect, translate and rotate accurately:

Not very confident or quite confident

Very confident

Here is a padlet for you to upload screenshots of you managing to get up to level 18!

Made with Padlet

Feedback about using seesaw

We have been using seesaw now for nearly a term so I would like to get your feedback on how you think it’s going! Please use the link below to fill out a feedback form

Feedback form

Angles tutorial

If you are struggling with understanding angles at any point during today’s lesson, use this tutorial to help you

Angles tutorial

Plant adaptation 8/11/16


Link to video about cacti

Link to information on how cacti adapt

Venus Fly trap

Website of information

Video about venus fly trap:

Pitcher Plant

Website 1 on pitcher plants

Website 2 on pitcher plants

Video about pitcher plants:

Checking and editing writing

Even though this video is possibly a little young for you, I think it is very helpful to help you with your editing and checking as this is something we really need to work on as a class. Go through this video, and follow the advice given as you watch it. Make sure there are no silly mistakes in your writing so that it is the best it can be!

Phone calls to help writing

Today we have been looking at a particularly action – packed section of Boy Overboard. The children made phone calls as ‘Dad’ to help them identify emotions and feelings for the piece of writing they are doing tomorrow from Dad’s point of view.

Amy and Madison

Joel and Billy

Ethan and Max

Maddie and Rosie

Jack and Keynan

Joe and Jensen

Celi and Ruby

Emma and Melissa

Maths explanations

The children who felt really confident in maths today created explanations on how to use various methods. I hope these are useful!

Amy’s explanation of how to use long multiplication with decimals:

Billy’s explanation of using short division (which we call bus stop method!) to get a decimal answer rather than a remainder.

Pierce’s explanation of using short division (which we call bus stop method!) to get a decimal answer rather than a remainder.:

Written methods

Today in Maths, we are looking at written methods for all calculations. Here are some videos which may help explain if you keep making mistakes and Miss Q is busy with someone else! Make sure you fast forward the video to the part you need and don’t waste time on parts you already understand.

Doorstep method for addition

Vertical method for subtraction

Grid method for multiplication

Long multiplication

Chunking method for division (fast forward to 1 minute)

Bus stop method for division (do not watch whole video!)

I hope these are helpful!