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Story Starters

Use these story starters to give you some inspiration for your story plan…

Story starters


Semicolon explanation website

Here is the website I was going to show you today (but it didn’t work!) for you to look at at home. It is much more interesting and useful than the one we looked at!


Natural disaster project!

You may want to look at these websites at home or in your sessions at school to help you prepare for your presentation (search disaster response) (search natural disasters)

Here is a link to your project instructions sheet

Links for Geography research

Use these links to answer your 2 key questions;

What are the main impacts on human lives after a natural disaster?

What can be done to help?

Link 1 (scroll down to the sub title ‘Human Impact of natural disasters’)

Link 2 This shows the impact of natural disasters on pets

Link 3  This shows the effects of a hurricane but there are links to the effects of lots of other natural disasters too

Link4 (scroll down to the ‘after’ sections)

Link 5 This shows 1 person’s story of survival

Literacy Google form

You will need this link for Literacy 5/01/17

Google form