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Long Division!

Some of you have tried long division today. Here are some videos to help you. Remember to watch the one on seesaw by Miss Q too

Video 1

Video 2


Use this link to create, edit and improve sentences today!

6Q doc


Use these links to explore the question: why do objects weigh less in water?

Link 1 ( more simple)

Link 2 (more challenging)

Link 3 ( extra info)

Cinderella police interviews!

After reading the story from the ‘nice’ stepmother’s point of view, 6Q conducted a police interview to find out who really was in the wrong: Cindy or her ‘evil/nice/’ stepmother!

Leave some comments and let us know what you think!

Billy, Will and Max

Taylor, Leo and Zac

Maddie, Keynan and Millie

Joe, Joel and Madison

Emma, Jack and Ruby

Izzy, Amy and Sam

Ethan, Olly and Pierce

Rosie, Zahara and Jensen

3D hand tutorial

Use this tutorial to help you draw a 3D hand

Make sure you are precise with your lines. Slap dash will not work!

3D hand tutorial