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The piano padlets

Use these padlets to give ideas on 2 key questions for each flashback –
1) What could the story behind this be? 2) How does the old man feel a bout this?

Leave your name on your padlet entry

When the lady joins the old man

When he is at war

The present



James Bond Dances!

Year 6 have been working hard over the last 6 weeks to prepare a dance in the style of James Bond. They had different themes like obstacle courses, capoiera fighting dancing and intimidation with the option for free style at the end. Can you spot each section?!

Max, Jack, Keynan and Pierce

Taylor, Ethan, Leo and Joel

Courtney, Rosie, Zahara and Maddie

Madison, Olly, Billy, Emma, Amy and Will

Joe, Sam, Jensen and Zac

Celi, Ruby, Izzy and Millie

Calculation videos

Today, you may like to use these videos when you are practising the four operations

Division using chunking:

Bus stop method:

Long division

Using grid method to multiply decimals

Long multiplication