Cadburys Christmas advert!


Spanish Christmas lottery narrations

This week in Literacy, we have been looking at the main character in a wordless (and infact Spanish!) Christmassy video. We did a lot of work on understanding the character and used mind maps to understand his feelings and emotions. The children then wrote a narration as the character Justino to explain what was going on and his thoughts and feelings. A lot of work has gone into this adn I am really pleased with the effective vocabulary and emotive writing that the children have written! Here are their videos. Please leave any comments you have. We would love to hear from you!
























Tsunami podcasts

After learning about how tsunamis happen, 6Q became experts and made radio podcasts telling the public how and why tsunamis happen.

Jensen and Zahara

Keynan and Leo

Courtney, Madison and Rosie

Max and Zac:

Joe and Joel (directed by Will)

Billy and Ruby

Olly and Sam

Emma and Celi

Christmas lottery video

Here is the christmas lottery video for any who want to watch it

Spanish christmas lottery video

Tsunamis – How and why do they occur?

Here are some links to different information you will need to find out about tsunamis:

Footage of the indonsian boxing day tsunami

Footage of Japanese tsunami

Tsunamis explained in a simple way

Explanation of how tsunamis can be triggered by earthquakes

How tsunamisĀ occur

Web page on tsunamis


Christmas problem solving!

Solve these problems either in your book or on an explain everything with a partner. Make sure you show how you came to the solution. Do NOT just write the answer!

Not very confident/warm up

Clever Santa

Christmas boxes

Elf suits

Christmas presents


Whilst learning about interdependence, the children made explain everything projects explaining different vocabulary to go with that topic …

Celi and Billy:

Millie, Ruby and Joe:

Joel and Izzy:

Rosie and Amy:


After learning about adaptation, 6Q created some fish of their own with some peculiar adaptations!IMG_5278[1] IMG_5279[1] IMG_5280[1] IMG_5281[1]

Arguments for and against Australia welcoming refugees

The following links will give you information about what different people think about whether or not Australia should welcome refugees. The information may be different to your opinion but you need to know reasons for both sides of the argument

What contributions refugees could bring to Australia

Refugees settling into Australia

An edited newspaper article on why some people do not want to welcome refugees into Australia

New Geography topic – Natural Disasters!

Introduction to natural disasters

Natural disasters video:

Do you understand what a natural disaster is?

Reflection, translation, rotation!

Use these websites to help you understand how to reflect, translate and rotate accurately:

Not very confident or quite confident

Very confident

Here is a padlet for you to upload screenshots of you managing to get up to level 18!

Made with Padlet

Feedback about using seesaw

We have been using seesaw now for nearly a term so I would like to get your feedback on how you think it’s going! Please use the link below to fill out a feedback form

Feedback form

Angles tutorial

If you are struggling with understanding angles at any point during today’s lesson, use this tutorial to help you

Angles tutorial

Plant adaptation 8/11/16


Link to video about cacti

Link to information on how cacti adapt

Venus Fly trap

Website of information

Video about venus fly trap:

Pitcher Plant

Website 1 on pitcher plants

Website 2 on pitcher plants

Video about pitcher plants:

Checking and editing writing

Even though this video is possibly a little young for you, I think it is very helpful to help you with your editing and checking as this is something we really need to work on as a class. Go through this video, and follow the advice given as you watch it. Make sure there are no silly mistakes in your writing so that it is the best it can be!