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Charlotte’s independent whiteboard work!

Classdroid Upload 03:3:2015 11:39

Lovely presentation from Charlotte!

Assigned Pupils : Charlotte

Ben’s work on chunking

Classdroid Upload 03:3:2015 11:32

What lovely presentation to show the chunking method of division Ben!

Assigned Pupils : Ben

More chunking fun!

Classdroid Upload 03:3:2015 11:30

Declan and Charlotte are beginning to get a really good understanding of chunking using the blocks!

Assigned Pupils : Declan, Charlotte

Chunking fun!

Classdroid Upload 03:3:2015 11:29

Rosie, Amara and Pip using blocks to help their understanding of chunking.

Assigned Pupils : Amara, Rosie, Taormina