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Data challenge project

Last week,. some members of our maths group completed a data handling challenge project. They were given information about the top 50 word cup football players of all time. They were given different challenges to complete. Here are their presentations which was the end product of their project; a presentation of the data. Well done Sam D, Etienne, Jensen, Max, Billy and George.

IMG 0663[1] from Chloe Quevatre on Vimeo.

IMG 0654[1] from Chloe Quevatre on Vimeo.

IMG 0856[1] from Chloe Quevatre on Vimeo.

Presenting data

Thomass Q

Thomass Q


Today in maths we read the book ‘If the world was a village with 100 people in it’. We used the data from here and chose to present it in different ways. Well done Thomass and Etienne for showing us how to present with a bar chart and a grid!


Venn diagrams!

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In maths, we were learning about venn diagrams today and doing a bit of problem solving by trying to work out what the titles of various diagrams could be! This one was very challenging and some children have taken it home to try and solve! Can you solve it?

Bar charts!

In Maths today we were creating bar charts showing the most popular colour of cars that drive past our school so that we can let Mr Fyfe know what colour car he needs if he would like to stand out in the playground! One suggestion was a zebra print colour car!