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Liberation day flag design competition!

Here are just some of the amazing flag designs ready for tomorrow’s competition. Which one do you think Mrs Barassin will choose to win?

Final machines!

Classdroid Upload 24:3:2015 15:10

We made it! Without Miss Q having too much stress over mess! Here are our machines. Can you spot yours?


D&T machine day!

After practising all our levers, the day has come where we put this all to good use and make our machines!


Charlotte’s simple linkage

Charlotte had a very creative design for her simple linkage!

Assigned Pupils : Charlotte

Gaby’s simple linkage

Gaby had a very creative idea for her simple linkage lever!

Assigned Pupils : Gaby

Some brilliant pivoted levers!

Can you remember when pivoted levers are used in real life?

More D &T!

Classdroid Upload 28:2:2015 10:51

I’m loving Pip’s slider and rotary lever that she took home to finish off. What creative designs!

Assigned Pupils : Taormina

Rotary Levers!

20150226-153203.jpg 20150226-153242.jpgClassdroid Upload 26:2:2015 15:31

Well done Amara, Rosie and Etienne on your creative rotary levers



20150226-153012.jpg 20150226-152800.jpgClassdroid Upload 26:2:2015 15:26

Well done to Amy, Sam D and Tom on your sliders!