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Converting fractions to decimals

Today in Maths we were learning about converting fractions to decimals and had a go at a game to practise. Here are the links in case you want to have a go at home!

Fractions to decimals

Converting between fractions, decimals and percentages (remember to switch off the diagrams if you are finding it too easy!)

Fractions that make 1!

Today in maths we were learning about fractions that add up to make 1. We used multi link cubes to help us. Can you think of any more fractions that add up to make 1?

Bryony’s triangle problem

In maths today, some children were working on a problem called Bryony’s triangle. It has not been solved yet, but I was impressed to see lots of fractions skills being used! The link to the problem is below if anyone wants to have a go!
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The work on the problem got a bit messy!

Bryony’s triangle problem