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What conditions are best for microbes to grow?

We are wondering in which conditions microbes grow best. Have a look at these videos to see some predictions and to see how we have set up an experiment…

Celi and Courtney:

Jensen and Rosie:

Ollie and Zac:

Pierce, Madison and Will:

Our science work today!

Today we found out the definition of a microbe, virus, bacteria and fungi. Here are some of the videos produced today …

Leo and Celi:

Joel and Emma:

Pierce and Zahara

Research on microbes

You will need these links for Tuesday’s science lesson:

Information on Jenner 1

Information on Jenner 2

Information on Pasteur 1

Information on Pasteur 2

Information on Diseases

Game on Microbes


Grace and Molly’s research

I really like the research Grace and Molly did on microbes



Here is a link to the website we are using in science to find out about microbes

Microbes website


Some micro-organisms are very tiny. How do we know they are there?

Are all micro-organisms harmful?