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Problem solving using a list or table!

Today we were using the skill of making a list or table to help solve tricky problems!
Here is some of the children’s work:

Courtney and Zahara:

Millie and Pierce:

Izzy and Ruby:

Madison and Rosie

Mind boggling problem!

This problem fried all our brains today – including Miss Q! Can anyone find a solution?!

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Assigned Pupils : 4Q

More area and perimeter!

Today we finished off our problem about the cake sale using area and perimeter! We really enjoyed solving this problem and it really helped us understand how to work out area and perimeter and when we would use these in real life.
Here are some of the children solving the problem …

As you can see, lots of different methods were used to solve the problem. Here is one answer to the question about profit at the end…


There were lots of different possible answers depending on what profit you thought the cake sale should make!

Area and perimeter problem solving

Today we were working on some practical problem solving to do with area and perimeter! Here are some examples of the problems we had today and how some children set out their workings …




We are going to continue with this tomorrow and I am really excited to see the results! Here are some pictures of the children working on the problem. You can see really great teamwork happening y looking at their body language.

Excellent effort in problem solving!

I am so impressed with the effort all of you put into your maths today. You identified patterns and some of you could even give a reason for those patterns! Here is some of the amazing work I saw …











Here are the children working really hard:

Problem Solving in Maths

In Maths yesterday, some children found the problem solving very tricky. They had clue cards relating to place value which helped them find out which letter represented each number. Well done to Celi, Ruby and Millie who found it tricky yesterday but persevered and managed to complete it today!


Problem solving using place value and rounding!

In Maths today, everyone chose the work that was best for them. Some people chose to solve a problem using their place value skills. They found it tricky and some are still solving it! Others chose to practise their rounding skills. Everyone worked very hard!

Here is a link to the rounding game from today if you would like to play at home :

Rounding game link

Bryony’s triangle problem

In maths today, some children were working on a problem called Bryony’s triangle. It has not been solved yet, but I was impressed to see lots of fractions skills being used! The link to the problem is below if anyone wants to have a go!
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The work on the problem got a bit messy!

Bryony’s triangle problem

Venn diagrams!

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In maths, we were learning about venn diagrams today and doing a bit of problem solving by trying to work out what the titles of various diagrams could be! This one was very challenging and some children have taken it home to try and solve! Can you solve it?